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Cyndi Lauper x Alex Pardee

My sister used to think she was Cyndi Lauper. I used to think i was Boba Fett, so I guess Cyndi Lauper's not that bad.
Regardless, when I was asked to pick one of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE's Top 500 albums of all time to deface for an art show at Gallery 1988 in LA, I figured that Ms. Lauper's "She's So Unusual" album would be a natural fit, since a lot of times i hear people mutter "He's kinda weird" under their breath at my shows. Or just at the mall or whatever.
So here is the finished piece, painted on the actual album cover.

"She's So Unusual & He's Kinda Weird"

And heres a little sequence of events:

The show, called "COVER BAND" features over 50 artists creating new works using some of the most famous albums as their canvas.

The show opens OCT 7, 2008 at GALLERY 1988

word, nerd.
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